Let’s Meet at the Game Developers Conference Europe 2014!

On August 11-13, 2014 I will be in Cologne, Germany at the Game Developers Conference Europe 2014. I will be happy to get in touch with any interested professionals from computer game and other industries to discuss any of the relevant topics, ranging from launches of computer games on Russian market to such creative issues, as for instance, designing virtual legal systems.

The following themes for networking, in addition to any others of course, will be much appreciated:

  • Business potential legal issues connected to the Russian law which may include pre-launch consulting (such as moderating content to avoid potential problems with supervising authorities and mitigating risks of lawsuits), participation in contract negotiations, trademark and other IP rights registration, videogame-related litigation.  Russian computer game market is growing, community is developing and computer games are starting to get into the legal field. It will be my pleasure to contribute to your project with my legal expertise (including experience in consulting of industry leaders) and knowledge of the industry and the product.
  • Design how jurisprudence and computer game design may interact in innovative way. It is a general practice now to employ economists which participate in design of economic system of a virtual world and/or online game, but it is still (surprisingly to me) not common to design a legal system in the same way. Existing normative systems of virtual worlds usually imply just two things: digital code as means of regulation (in terms of Lawrence Lessig), on the one hand, and community rules, on the other. However, why not to consider adding a whole new dimension to the gameplay? I will be happy to be of assistance with my knowledge of legal theory and understanding of games.

In addition, academic (game studies and law) and general blogging and writing networking is also highly anticipated. As a person who has witnessed the development of Russian computer game industry and culture from its ealry years to its modern developed state (by the way, I am currently even writing a book about this experience), I may make a contribution to any project which touches this topic, in addition to others.

Please leave a comment, reach me by vladislav.arkhipov@gmail.com or contact me any other way you prefer (see ‘Contact Me’ section nearby) — let’s schedule a meeting.

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