Guide to This Blog and to Discovering More Information About Me

Although this new blog currently works more as my business card, I plan to start using it as my main blogging instrument eventually. The reason is simple — I have been able to identify and narrow the scope of my professional interests, so that it would be more relevant for anyone interested in games and law, even comparing to my former blogging strategy. That is why my previous blog can no longer help me to reach my goals nor it can be imported here in its current form, so it is just left intact for history. Twitter will be much better for the kind of posts I made before.

Starting from August 9, 2014 I will deliver a thoughtful post on the topic of games and law in this blog from time to time, although I am often overwhelmed with work and cannot guarantee that this will happen often.

At this stage feel free to use this resource for navigation between my profiles —  the sidebar (as well as the ‘Social’ section) contain links to my social media profiles, including my previous blog currently located at (see the RSS feed on this page) and my Slideshare profile. You may learn more about my legal career at my Dentonts page and check my university profile (in Russian).

More of my content is trackable through my social media profiles, such as, for example, my presentation on legal separation of gambling from non-gambling at Winter Nights 2014 (in Russian), an article on legal pitfalls the users face in Web 2.0, or an introductory article for game developers on terms of service, privacy policies and license agreements (in Russian). Some of the information, including part of my academic articles, is also available on my profile at a Russian social network for lawyers ‘Zakon.Ru’. Please feel free to leave a comment or contact me if you would like to know more details.

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